How Often Should I Water My Yard?

Watering your yard in a proper manner and on a regular basis is the most important thing in making sure that the yard is productive. Most people water their yard too long and not often enough. That is good, but you need to look at the following factors before determining how often you will be watering your yard.

Types of Crops Grown
Some crops like fruits and vegetables need a lot of water for them to grow well. For fruits to be juicy, they need a regular inflow of water which is contrary with crops like sisal. So, the type of plant you are growing will affect the rate at which you water your yard. You should do some research on the best time to start and stop watering specific plants.

Type of Watering Method

Some plants, like roses, are watered at the roots only while others need water on the leaves too. Leaving water drops on rose leaves attracts fungus and other problems, which are different with crops like cabbages. If you sprinkle water on the roots, you will take longer before watering the yard again.

Growing Method
Potted plants need to be watered regularly mostly on sunny days than earth planted crops. In addition to that, you should also investigate on the type of pot used. Containers with holes on the bottom will require more watering than those without. Remember, too much watering is as bad as not any at all.

Type of Soil in Your Yard
Clay soil retains a lot of water for a long time but losses it completely during the dry season. On the other hand, if your yard has sandy soil, you need to water it nearly every day.

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