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For more than 60 years Michigan Automatic Sprinkler has been designing and installing residential and commercial irrigation and lighting systems in Michigan and the Midwest. Here is what our clients have to say about their experience.

This sprinkler company is always on time and takes care of business. They offer great value and competitive pricing for the high-quality work they do.Thank you. Steven T*

I have used this company for 2 years now. Firstly, they actually answer the phone when you call them, usually with a person!!! Shock Horror. They provide a good service always arrive on time, i use them to winterize & open up my sprinkler system in the spring, they have a discount system in place for preparing of both services in the spring which works well, they have also conducted routine maintenance & repairs on my sprinkler system. Very well managed business with a good track record of service. Rodney H*

Put in new landscaping last year and Michigan Automatic was contracted to put in my irrigation. They did a wonderful job and Neil was on top on the game and very helpful. The sprinkler system was put in quickly and best of all no issues! They did my winterization and I will use them again this spring to open up my sprinkler system Elaine Z*
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Rodney H

Whether you're installing a new sprinkler in your home, need a complete irrigation replacement for a soccer field or want to illuminate your business with landscape lights, contact us today for a free assessment!